How to get unlimited Incense and Lucky Eggs on Pokemon GO

How to get unlimited Incense and Lucky Eggs on Pokemon GO


So, you want an unlimited amount of Incense and Lucky Eggs? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

How to get unlimited lucky eggs and incense in Pokemon GO

One of the best things about playing Pokemon GO is the items that you can obtain along the way. From various potions, to lure’s and special Pokeball’s, there are endless amounts of different useful items you can pick up to help you progress throughout the game.

Two of the most helpful objects to have in your Poke bag are Incense and Lucky Eggs. Incense is a special fragrance that you can activate to help attract wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. They’re similar to the Lure Modules that you might have seen (pink confetti on the screen), except you don’t have to be stood at a Pokestop to use an Incense, as the Pokemon will come to you.

Lucky Eggs can also be activated for 30 minutes, and will double your XP earned through catching and evolving Pokemon within that time frame.

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As with most other popular gaming apps out there, you can spend real money on buying these useful items from the Pokemon GO store, by purchasing Pokecoins. The minimum amount you can expect to spend is 79p on 100 Pokecoins, and Incense and Lucky Eggs cost 80 Pokecoins each.

However, there are other ways to collect them for free. Incense and Lucky Eggs are usually awarded to trainers for leveling up, with Lucky Eggs being dished out from level 9 onward. So, if you’re patient enough to wait for these items, then there’s no need to splash the cash.

The only issue with using Incense and Lucky Eggs is the time restriction on them – 30 minutes is just not long enough! Of course, it is absolutely an adequate amount of time to help you catch some more Pokemon and earn extra XP, but in an ideal world we’d like them to last a lot longer.

Incense and Lucky Eggs in Pokemon GO

Thankfully, there’s a helpful cheat that can actually help you extend the time of both the Incense and Lucky Eggs. You’re only a few steps away to bigger and better Incense and Lucky Eggs…

Get unlimited Incense and Lucky Eggs

1. Launch the Pokemon GO app and activate your Incense or Lucky Egg as you normally would. Tip: if you have both, use them together for the chance to double your XP even more with the extra Pokemon you’ll attract with the Incense.

2. Leave the Pokemon GO app briefly, and go to Settings on your phone.

3. Go into the Date & Time option, and turn off the automatic setting.

4. In the option where you can manually set the time, set it to 30 minutes earlier than the actual time. Note: the hack won’t work if you turn our clock back more than 30 minutes, and it won’t give you any extra time. So, no more than 30 minutes.

5. Re-launch the Pokemon GO app, and you’ll see that the countdown clock on the Incense/Lucky Egg has increased to 60 minutes.

6. Make the most of having your items active for an extra 30 minutes!

This cheat is pretty popular right now, which means it won’t be long until Niantic’s tech guys figure it out and put a stop to it. So, act quickly!

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As far as the success rate of the cheat goes, it appears to be working for most people, but some have reported that it works better for the Incense than the Lucky Egg. The mystery pink smoke that comes with an active Incense does stay present on the screen for the whole 60 minutes. However, because there’s no saying just how many Pokemon an Incense will attract or how often, it’s hard to say if it’s definitely still working for the full amount of time.

In regards to the Lucky Eggs, some say that they are still only gaining double XP for the 30 minutes. Although, it does seem to be working for other trainers. Either way, it’s worth a shot at trying to catch more Pokemon and double your XP in the process!

Just don’t forget to change the clock on your phone back afterwards…