5 useful tools to make you a Pokemon GO master

5 useful tools to make you a Pokemon GO master

5 useful pokemon go tools

Need some extra help with your Pokemon quest?

You might have read all the tips you can find, but what you might not have realised is that there’s some very useful tools available to give you that extra bit of assistance on your way to be the best and “catch ’em all”.

1. Win the Gym

Getting ready to battle it out at a rival team’s gym? If you’ve got a good selection of high CP Pokemon in your inventory, you might be unsure which one to choose to guide you to victory. Well, new website “Win the Gym” can help!

Pokemon GO Win the Gym website

All you have to do is use the drop-down menu, or click one of the icons on the homepage, to select which Pokemon you will be battling against at the gym. You’ll then be given a list of the Pokemon you should use in the battle, along with details of the gym Pokemon’s weaknesses, and the strengths of the one you’ll be using to fight.

2. Pokemon GO Map

There were several great Pokemon map apps and websites available, detailing what Pokemon had recently spawned and where you could find them. However, the most recent Niantic update saw these apps taken down, to relieve some of the strain on the game’s servers.

Pokemon GO Pokestop Map of Manchester

There’s still one useful map available though, and although it doesn’t tell you what Pokemon are nearby, it does show you where you can find PokeStops and gyms! The data isn’t completely accurate, with a lot of gyms showing as PokeStops, however you can login using your Google account and help to update the information.

3. Evolution CP Calculator

Got several Pokemon ready to evolve, but not enough stardust to use on all of them?Unsure which one you should evolve first? Well, this calculator can help you decide…

Pokemon GO evolution calculator eeveelution

All you have to do is enter the species of your Pokemon, and the CP it currently has, and it will tell you the CP range it will fall into once you’ve evolved it!

4. PokeFind

If you’re looking to add a specific Pokemon to your Pokedex, but you just can’t find it, then this site might be able to help! Unlike the other Pokemon maps, which relied on data from the Niantic servers, this works with user-submitted information.

Pokemon GO Pokefind Screenshot

The map shows where users have spotted Pokemon, and the time of day the saw it. There’s always a chance the Pokemon will spawn in the same area at a similar time again, so this tool could prove helpful!

5. PokeVision

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon GO’s recent update has seen popular Pokemon tracking websites stop working, but we thought it would be worth including what was one of the best anyway.

PokeVision allowed users to see what Pokemon were currently spawned and where in the world they were, along with a countdown until they disappear. Although Pokevision is currently unusable, the site owner has said: “Hey guys. We wish we had some news for you. At this moment, we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes. Will keep you guys posted.”

This suggests there could be a chance of an eventual comeback for the useful website, but until then you’ll have to find your Pokemon in another way!

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So there you go, five useful tools on how to get the best out of Pokemon GO! If you want to take your Pokemon journey to the next level, then there should be plenty there to help you come up with the best strategies and techniques.

We’re sure there are even more tools out there, either in the form of websites or apps, so if you know any please share! Add your suggestions in the comments section below, and help your fellow Pokemon trainers up their game.

It’s not just tools you can use though to make you an even better Pokemon trainer. There’s plenty of tips on our site to help you get the most out of Pokemon GO – be sure to keep checking back for more. For up to date tips, tricks and cheats, make sure you give us a follow on Twitter – our username is @PokemonGOTipz.