Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s upcoming Buddy System

Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s upcoming Buddy System


As Pokemon GO continues to add more features to the game, they’re introducing a brand new ‘Buddy System’.

The update is yet to be released, but has been discovered by some dedicated players in the game’s code. The ‘buddy system’ is expected to be launched in one of the upcoming updates of the game, and will allow players to earn extra candy, by adopting a Pokemon as their ‘buddy’. Users are excited about the potential release giving them a chance to ‘bond’ with their chosen Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Buddy System

In a similar way to how players must walk a certain distance to hatch their collected eggs, trainers can now walk around with a Pokemon by their side, in order to train them and collect extra candy for that particular Pokemon. By clocking up the distance whilst walking around with a selected Pokebuddy, trainers will be rewarded with candy, but will only be allowed to earn a certain amount each day. So far, it’s unknown just where the limit on candies earned will be capped, or how much will be earned by using Pokebuddies.

Selecting a Pokebuddy and walking around with them by your side actually trains them at the same time, making it easier to build a more powerful team of Pokemon, as the previous training features on the game have slightly lacked, if anything.

According to the game’s code, you will only be able to walk one Pokebuddy at a time, and this will be shown on screen with a new animation that shows your buddy following you around. Depending on which Pokemon you choose as your buddy, they can be seen either sitting on your shoulder, flying next to you or probably many more variants of walking alongside your trainer.

Pokemon GO Buddy System 1

By introducing the Buddy System, Pokemon GO has opened up a new world of opportunities for players wanting to evolve their Pokemon. So far, the only way to evolve your Pokemon has been by collecting candies from picking up the same type of Pokemon. This is a long process, and can seem like an impossible task when wanting to evolve some of the rarest creatures. You can find yourself spending hours trying to hatch your 10km eggs in the hope of it hatching the Pokemon you’re after. Which usually, is a very rare occasion.

However, with the upcoming Buddy System, players will be able to choose the Pokemon that they want to accompany them as their Pokebuddy, in order to collect candies to evolve that specific type. It might take a while to rack up the candies, as we don’t yet know how many will be collected for having a Pokebuddy, but it’s got to be a quicker and easier way than relying on the hatching of a mysterious egg.

Not only that, but the new introduction to the game is encouraging players to get out and start walking again. When the game was very first release, the prospect of walking around to seek out wild Pokemon and hatch eggs was exciting to all players. However, it soon started to feel the same Pokemon would repeatedly surface, and hatching an egg could often lead to a disappointment. Now, with the prospect of walking to be rewarded with candies to help evolve your best Pokemon, we can see how this might have a positive impact on the more active aspect of the game.

It seems that the buddy system could be just about the best thing to happen to Pokemon GO in a while, and could become a complete game changer. Users are expecting the feature to be launched in an update in the coming weeks.

Here’s what some Pokemon GO users are saying about the update:

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