Pokemon GO news round-up: What’s been happening in the Pokemon world this...

Pokemon GO news round-up: What’s been happening in the Pokemon world this week?

What is Pokemon GO and How do you play Pokemon GO

Can you believe it’s been almost two whole months since the original release of Pokemon GO? The game is still going strong, and there’s still plenty of updates and developments to arrive in future, keeping our journey to catch them all fresh and exciting.

As usual, the news is full of everything Pokemon GO – we know it’s hard to keep track of all the latest gossip, so we’ve put it all together to help you out. Let’s find out what’s been happening in the Pokemon world this week…

Rolling in money!

An app as successful and viral as Pokemon GO is going to be a big earner, and although the number of active daily players has dropped, it’s still been downloaded more than 180 million times across the world. As a result of this big success, Pokemon GO has made over $440 million in less than two months, outgrossing recent movies such as Star Trek Beyond and Angry Birds. It’s estimated that Pokemon GO is now making $4 million of revenue EVERY DAY!

Pokemon GO joystick cheat

Pokemon GO Ban

You might have heard talk about a new hack, allowing you to install a joystick app that lets you sit on your sofa while playing Pokemon GO. The app lets you trick your GPS, allowing you to use directional control buttons to decide where you are. Although Niantic have vowed to ban any cheaters from the game, this one seems to work fine. Full details on how to get the joystick are here: http://www.itechpost.com/articles/27124/20160902/pokemon-go-cheat-install-use-joystick.htm

Where’s the fun in that though?

Buddy system update

Pokemon GO Updates August 2016

Every Pokemon trainer should have a Pokemon buddy – look at Ash and Pikachu from the TV series. Don’t you want a relationship like that? Well, in a soon to be released new app update, you can! Once the new update has been released, you’ll be able to walk around with a Pokemon of your choice at your side. As with the egg hatching function, there’ll be a step counting element, with you being awarded candies for your Pokemon buddy, to upgrade and evolve them quicker. For our more detailed look at the new feature, click here.

Skip the egg hatching animations

Pokemon GO How to hatch pokemon egg without walking

For some, it might not be an issue. Suddenly, an egg has popped up on your screen, and you sit and watch it hatch, praying for a good Pokemon. However, if you’re hatching a lot of eggs, there’s a chance you’re getting a bit fed up of having to watch the animation before your new Pokemon has been born. Well, wait no more. This week, a Reddit user very kindly revealed a little trick to let you skip the animation. When the message saying “Oh?” pops up on your screen, just pitch inwards on the screen, like you’re zooming out on a map. Animation skipped, Pokemon gained!

Niantics responds to privacy concerns

US senator Franken recently wrote an open letter expressing concern about the use of data on Pokemon GO, resulting in Niantic responding with a slamming reply.

“Country is collected and stored, to provide a user the appropriate experience; language may be stored in future updates, for the same purpose. The app collects certain information to facilitate important quality and stability objectives and to prevent abuse. This includes information such as mobile operating system, mobile device identifier, and hardware build information. This information is used to debug phone-specific game problems and to detect and deter cheating in the game.”

Players catch a thief!

It was reported this week that some Pokemon GO players in the city of Napier, New Zealand were searching for Pokemon and heard a car alarm, before a masked man ran past them. So, they grabbed him. Just grabbed a thief and held him for the police.

“They didn’t use Pokéballs to catch him, they just held him till police arrived,” said local police in a statement.

Pokemon GO police action

UK police revealed this week that nearly 300 police incidents involving Pokemon GO had been logged in July, with them ranging from robberies and thefts to assaults and driving offences across England and Wales. A Niantic spokesman said players should “abide by local laws”.

So that’s the latest Pokemon GO news, but what will the next seven days of Pokemon madness bring… We can only wait and see!