Pokemon GO is coming to Apple Watch – Why, how and when?

Pokemon GO is coming to Apple Watch – Why, how and when?


Apple Watch users will be able to play Pokemon GO on their wrists, by the end of this year.

At the official iPhone 7 launch event last week, the company also announced some additional, more surprising news for Pokemon GO players. During the event, Apple introduced Pokemon GO developers Niantic Labs on stage, who announced that Pokemon GO would be entering the world of Apple Watches.

Pokemon GO Apple Watch Redmond Pie

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So far, the game has only been available to download on iPhone and Android, but will soon be added to the list of Apple Watch apps.

It seems that the pairing of Pokemon GO and Apple Watch could result in the perfect relationship, with this further encouraging the more active element of the game. To be able to capture Pokemon and hatch eggs, players of the game have to go out and about, and clock up their walking distances. It gets players active and spending more time outdoors, however it does have its flaws.

The phone app doesn’t have the ability to record players’ distance walked, steps taken etc and transfer the information into other health apps to contribute to their daily active levels. However, a key feature of the Pokemon GO Apple Watch app is that this dream will become a reality, with players being able to track their gameplay workouts, and keep an eye on the new calorie counter as they walk around hunting for Pokemon. All walks that are done as part of a Pokemon hunt will be recorded as walkouts on the watch, and users will also be able to end and resume their workouts within the Pokemon GO app.

For those who are focused on the more active side of Pokemon GO, this is the perfect addition to the game. It means that in order to acquire the walking distance needed, and keep track of their walking progress, they won’t have to walk around with their phones in hand with the app open. With the watch strapped to your wrist, it’s simple enough to get more out of the game without much effort required.

Of course, it’s not all about the active feature of Pokemon, and the Apple Watch app does still allow you to capture Pokemon, being the whole point of the game. Using the app, you will be automatically alerted when Pokemon appear nearby. However, the Apple Watch app doesn’t allow you to capture the creatures, so for that you’ll need to use the mobile app to catch the Pokemon.


How the Pokemon GO Apple Watch App works

Although the full features of the new app have not yet been revealed, there are a few key points that were picked up on during the launch events and demos.

Firstly, it looks like players will be able to see how far they need to walk in order to hatch their eggs from the watch home screen, instead of having to open the app. This makes it easier to keep track of the distance you’ve already walked, with a simple glance at the watch face.

As well as seeing information about hatching your eggs on the home screen, the Apple Watch will also display information on your current trainer level, and just how much XP you’ll need to accumulate to make it to the next level.

Another addition to the Pokemon GO Apple Watch app that isn’t present in the current mobile version of the app, is that the device will buzz to alert a player when they’ve reached a PokeStop. As usual, the screen will then display the relevant information about the location, and users will be able to swipe right on the watch screen to be able to collect items from the PokeStop. Thankfully, you don’t need to open the mobile app to be able to do this.

The Apple Watch screen will also alert players for other things such as when a medal is earned, an egg has been hatched and a summary of their workout once it has ended. This includes total distance, time and calories burned.

The Pokemon GO Apple Watch app is perfect for those who are dedicated to the more active side of the game, as well as those who simply want to make it easier to complete the game.

According to Niantic Labs and Apple, Pokemon GO will be available on Apple Watch before the end of 2016.